Capra Press re-launches

by Capra Press on September 30, 2011

Capra Press will soon re-launch with its first release since it was purchased back to the family earlier this year (details on website: )

I Never Expected This Good Life: Poems and Stories by San Francisco author Jennifer Futernick will be released early December and will be available for purchase in several Bay Area indie bookstores.

“An enduring aspect of this book is the author’s intimacy with the biology of kinship. She establishes the metaphorical heart at the center of a complex ecosystem—in which love is water, light, and oxygen—by weaving together the body and spirit so viscerally and so well that at times it will leave you wanting to forget where you end and someone else begins.”

Please check back to the Capra Press blog, in late November for a list and link to the booksellers who will be carrying the book and hosting author events for this title.